ROC GIRL GANG - Panelist & Social Media Workshop Speaker

In April 2017, I had the privilege to sit on an incredible panel of women for the ROC GIRL GANG quarterly series, "Becoming Boss". This is where you you hear from women who have all successfully turned their passions into full-time businesses. But the focus is on BECOMING, you will hear about how they got started, things they struggled with and how they overcame their obstacles. The blog is part-time for me, but it often feels full-time as I dedicate a lot of my nights and weekends to it. 

I led a social media workshop on 5 Ways to Improve your Social Media Presence, speaking to five key points for improving our social media presence: 1. Have a game plan; 2. Develop your voice and own it; 3. Fresh and relevant imagery matters; 4. Get to know your peeps; and 5. Keep tweaking your secret sauce

Read more on the recap of the event, here.