RAF's 20 Minutes & A Beer, Speaker Sir Rocha Says

Photo by  Rich Brainerd

Photo by Rich Brainerd

In April 2016, I had the privilege of serving as the guest speaker at the RAF (Rochester Advertising Federation) 20 Minutes & a Beer event. The RAF is a local organization that advocates for exposing our community to new creative ideas and experiences that will inspire us. Each month the RAF hosts a monthly event at Good Luck restaurant, where the featured presenter will share about a topic they are passionate about, while guests enjoy a beer or cocktail while listening in. It is open for anyone who aspires to learn more about marketing, so make sure to join the next one!  I shared 5 Ways To Grow Your Blog Like A Boss. 

Over 100+ people came to listen and the house was packed! It was such an incredible experience and I felt proud to share my passion & personal story as a way to inspire others to chase after their creativity. Thanks for having me RAF! Read their blog post, here.