5 Rochester Places To Get Your Poutine Fix

The beloved Canadian dish of poutine has found a home right here in Rochester, NY. In its traditional form, poutine is comprised of crispy french fries smothered in beef gravy, creamy cheese curds with herbs on top. You will find the French-Canadian comfort food across all 5 local eateries listed below with each putting its own stamp on it. For the love of poutine, I encourage you to stop by all these spots to get your fix of the unique dish that knows no season, no time of day, no boundaries at all.  Good poutine should be an essential part of your routine. #TRUTH

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In no particular order, here are your 5 Rochester Places to get your Poutine Fix on:

[1] Le Petit Poutine

Follow @LePetitPoutine on Facebook & Twitter to find their food truck locations; *The truck is currently closed for the winter and will re-open April 1st, 2017. However, be on the look-out for upcoming pop-up events: Feb. 24th at the Playhouse & Feb. 27th at Marty's Meats.*

If you’ve never tried our local food trucks, let Le Petit Poutine be your FIRST! Co-owners Lizzie Clapp & Ronnie McClive are bringing all that poutine goodness straight to our Rochester community. Lizzie grew up with family in Canada and has memories of eating poutine from a broken down bus-turned-wagon down the river. Her love for the dish turned into a business dream that we all know as Le Petit Poutine. Here you can find everything from your traditional poutine along with a breakfast variety to some bangin’ specials like Vegan Curry Lentil Poutine or the Messy Miss (Sloppy Joe). These ladies pride themselves on using high quality, fresh ingredients such as the locally sourced Shtayburne Farms cheese curds.  Stop by the truck for a friendly smile and to-die-for grub! 

Poutine To Put In Your Mouth:  Breakfast Poutine (served with an egg over easy, bacon, beef gravy, and fresh thyme)

[2] Tap & Mallet

381 Gregory St., Rochester, 585.473.0503

If you’re looking for a killer beer list and pub food at its finest, look no further! Tap & Mallet is your destination. Co-owner Joe McBane, an Englishman and beer fanatic, had dreams of building a world-class beer bar from a young age. That he did. Tap & Mallet has earned its reputation for being Rochester’s best bar for beer over the last seven years in City Newspaper. Not only are the rotating draft lines impressive, but so are the poutine specials. Five different kinds of poutine hang out on the menu: Bacon & Scallion, Breakfast, Buffalo Chicken, Traditional Beef Gravy, and Vegetarian. It’s safe to say that there’s a poutine for everyone on this menu. All fries are hand cut, gravies are made in-house, and cheddar curds are sourced locally from Yancey’s Fancy. Craft beer & poutine? Yes, please!

Poutine To Put In Your Mouth: Bacon & Scallion Poutine (fries, cheese curds, house cured bacon, scallion, vegetarian or beef gravy) OR the Breakfast Poutine. I can't decide. Also, word has it a Poutine Burger is in the works. Um. DELISH. 

[3] Orbs Restaurant (Closed in May 2017)

758 South Ave., Rochester, 585.471.8569

Take a drive over to South Ave and there you will find a gem called Orbs Restaurant. Owners Bob and Sue Caranddo had a vision of opening up a small restaurant built in a strong community. They were enamored by the thriving culture and unity within the South Wedge, thus they opened up Orbs in July of 2014. At Orbs, Chef Steven Lara (rock star chef) takes advantage of local ingredients to make each dish shine, especially the poutine. The potatoes are sourced from Williamson Farms, the cheese curds are made from First Light Creamery milk, and the gravy is rendered from Hudson Valley ducks. It doesn’t stop there; the protein options have ranged from wild boar to smoked pork cheek, pheasant, short rib and so on. Top it with a fried egg and this is what your wildest poutine dreams are made of!

Poutine To Put In Your Mouth: Orbs Poutine (parmesan fries, Guinness cheddar, duck fat gravy, house queso fresco, fried egg, and smoked paprika)

[4] Lento

Village Gate Square, 274 Goodman St. N, Rochester, 585.271.3470

Lento restaurant was a pioneer in bringing farm-to-table to Rochester. Back in 2007, it was a concept that was generally unheard of compared to the mainstream of today. Serving locally sourced, sustainable, seasonal food is ingrained in the DNA of chef and owner, Art Rogers. In 2015, Art was nominated as James Beard Awards Semifinalist for Best Chef in the Northeast region. Not only is Chef Rogers a big deal in the culinary world, but so is his poutine. The traditional poutine offered at Lento is made using local Kennebec potatoes, First Light Creamery cheese curds, and smothered in duck gravy. If you’re feeling adventurous make sure to add the Schrader Farms smoked bacon or Hudson Valley foie gras. Are you salivating yet? Because I am. Lento recently started serving up brunch and I can't wait to check.it.out. 

Poutine To Put In Your Mouth: Traditional Poutine (duck fat frites, duck gravy, First Light Creamery cheese curds, add on bacon or seared Hudson Valley foie gras)

 [5] ButaPub

The Historic German House, 315 Gregory St., Rochester, 585.563.6241

Chef and co-owner Asa Mott got weary of doing French and Italian cuisine and felt compelled to share the beautiful flavors of Asian cuisine from Japan to China to Vietnam. He opened ButaPub which offers the feel of an American pub with the influences of Asian street food. You can find good ol’ American classics, such as cheese burgers, contrasted with Asian delights like flavorful ramen with fresh-made noodles. But the standout dish we have to talk about is the Oyako Poutine. This dish is inspired from a Japanese egg & rice bowl dish called Oyakodon, which means “Mother & Child.” Instead of rice, you have fries with chicken confit with kimchi and pickles, chicken-based gravy, melted cheese curds, topped with a sunny-side up egg.  Make sure to order the Korean Style Chicken Wings and stop into brunch here. You won’t regret it.

Poutine To Put In Your Mouth: Oyako Poutine (chicken confit, ButaPub Gravy, kimchi, local cheese curds, fried egg)

That's a wrap folks. Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share other places you've enjoyed getting your poutine fix with. I always love hearing about places you've explored and meeting you in person. Looking forward to our next ROC adventure together. 

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