7 Sunday Brunch Spots to Try in Rochester

Before I dive straight into brunches, let me take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy 2015! With a new year, brings entirely new experiences. The best part is that these new experiences can be made right in your own backyard. No need for an exotic getaway to a tropical island, although that sounds really tempting in this frigid weather.  One of my goals for 2015 is making a conscious effort to unplug more often and explore my OWN city. 

Less time spent watching random YouTube videos, e.g. Jimmy Fallon's lip-syncing battles, albeit Emma Stone does a mean Blues Traveler.  Less time spent Netflix Binge watching Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black....whatever your or my addiction may be. Please don't judge. Less time spent on technology, social media, and overall distractions that intrude on time that could have been spent elsewhere.

Less time spent on all of the above and MORE time devoted to exploring. Our beautiful city of Rochester awaits us, whose ready to explore with me

Now that we are ready to discover Rochester. What better way to start than with new places to try for Sunday brunch? I've compiled a list of local restaurants to speak the language of brunch to you. Why not give one of them a whirl? 

Here we go in in no particular order: 


Cure's Boudin Benedict.



1 CURE50 Public Market, 585-563-7941. Pictured above, you will find the remedy to your Sunday Brunch cravings. During the day it's part of Java's Coffee Shop in the Public Market, but at night and Sunday mornings it converts into a restaurant and bar. As soon as you walk in you feel like you're transported to a hip restaurant in NYC, but without the pretentious feel.  Let me suggest the Boudin Benedict because I'm a sucker for poached eggs, but I would also recommend the Chilaquiles as well. Start with Java's Coffee, end with a Pamplemousse Mimosa and you're golden. Verdict: Brunch with an Empire State of Mind.  


2 BUTAPUB315 Gregory Street., 585-563-6241. Recently opened in the South Wedge since November and they have been making a buzz ever since. Chef Asa Mott was a former executive Chef at Max's Chophouse and he and his dad, co-owner Ed Mott offer the feel of an American Pub with the influences of Asian Street food. Their ButaPub Benedict with Pork Belly is topped on Ramen cakes instead of the traditional english muffin with a Sriracha Hollandaise. Yes I said Sriracha and Yes I would get this dish again.  The Kale Salad is Killer too. Let's pray that their Poutine dish made with pork gravy and kim chi currently served on their dinner menu, finds its way to brunch. Verdict: Bring on the Bacon Brunch.


3 ATLAS EATS2185 North Clinton Ave., 585-544-1300. One of my absolute favorite brunch spots and will remain this way until my dying day. While it is not my newest find, I think it should be yours. Their menu feels a bit wacky at first, but it is ridiculously flavorful and well-crafted. Plus everything is $6!!  I would highly recommend the Ranchero Roll or Kim Chee Pancakes. I'll save all the details, since you can read about them in my previous review, trust me on this one.  Verdict: Best Bang for your Buck Brunch. 


4 TRATA, 145 Culver Road., 585-270-5460. The restaurant at the armory is a place that you may be familiar with for the fabulous rooftop bar and industrial style decor. But did you know they offer Sunday brunch? They have one of the most versatile menus of the pack, with items like the Huevos Rancheros with crispy corn tortilla, pico de gallo and avocado hollandaise for your Vegetarian friend . Or for your Bloody Mary Fiend, they've got a housemade Bloody Mary with Fire-roasted tomatoes, Celery-infused Vodka, and Sriracha. Maybe your boyfriend had one too many cocktails last night and needs a nice juicy 'Hangover Burger' with Kobe beef to make him feel better. From birthday celebration to hangover cure, Trata will find your fix. Verdict: Best Hangover, Boozy & Celebratory Brunch.    


5 ORBS758 South Ave., 585-471-8569. Oh Orbs, how I love thee let me count the ways. If you recall from December, I told you how I would be checking out their brunch menu. Well I have and it is amazeballs! (I can say that here since we're talking about Orbs :)) The Balls Benny has braised wild boar, duckfat foccacia, chipotle hollandaise, and a chorizo hash. I know I'm spitting out all of this goodness at once, just bear with me. Much like their features menu, they have changing brunch specials to delight your tastebuds. Oh yeah, did I mention that their bloody mary comes with a spicy pork meatball on top?  Sir Rocha likes Spicy! Verdict: Ballsiest Brunch. 


6 VOULA'S GREEK SWEETS439 Monroe Ave., 585-242-0935. A hidden gem on Monroe Ave my sister and I recently uncovered. If you're craving something a little different than your ordinary bacon and eggs, than go to Voula's. I had a cold delicious Frappe to start, followed by the Monemvassia Plate (phyllo pastry, vine ripened tomatoes, fried egg with dill served over lentils) and ended with their homemade rice pudding (AWESOME). I slurped and ate every last bite,  in a very ladylike way of course. :)  Make sure to check out their pastries before you head out. They also have plenty of Gluten Free and Vegan options across their menu as well!   Verdict: My Big Fat Greek Brunch.   


7  BROWN HOUND BISTRO6549 State Road 64 ., 585-374-9771. A brunch spot located in South Bristol near Canandaigua Lake. My friend Amy Riposo, owner of the Rochester A-list recently recommended to me that I HAVE to try. She said I would fall in love with the food and atmosphere. While I haven't tried Brown Hound yet, it's part of my 2015 exploration. I figured since this list is all about new brunch spots to try, why can't we put this one on the list together? In fact, who wants to be my brunch buddy? My treat. <3 Verdict: Bucket List Brunch. 


Well that about wraps it up! For your viewing pleasure I posted some of my favorite brunch highlights below. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Sir Rocha Says.